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Secondary minerals


The secondary minerals includes the greatest number of species, even if they are volumetrically (and economically) insignificant.

ganophy 1.jpg (16120 bytes)

Ganophyllite. A rare secondary mineral from the Parker shaft suite of minerals. Minor willemite present (pale green). Franklin, NJ. Width 4 cm..

Even a casual examination of many preserved hand samples can provide evidence for multiple periods of crystallization and alteration effects.

Fractures filled with a wide range of species occurred, and alterations may have affected relatively large masses of rock.

Unfortunately however, study of such secondary relations today is constrained by preserved hand samples and the limited mining data conserved. It is also worth noting that a number of the less common phases have only been found in very small (gram quantity and less) amounts.

One sub-grouping of secondary minerals at the Franklin deposit, well known to local mineral collectors, has been long referred to as Parker shaft minerals.

Some additional information on secondary minerals is provided by species name and within the Parker shaft grouping (listed on the left). For further information, the viewer should consult Dunn (1995).

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